The gallery wall is one of the most popular interior trends of recent years. With such a picture composition, you can easily brighten up any empty wall space, while this montage also reflects your personality. You can arrange the gallery wall in any way you like, but if you choose images that harmonize in color and style, then you definitely can't go wrong. If you are still in trouble, we will help; spin through the thematic variations with Printa's unique, screen-printed graphics!


A minimalist interior does not require too many ornaments, but a tastefully selected poster collage can lend a completely new atmosphere to any part of your home. Natural colors and clean design suggest balance while celebrating the philosophy of less is more and natural beauty. These Printa graphics can stand their ground on their own, but they are even more striking in a group.

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Thanks to their bluish color scheme and watery elements, the Printa Balaton posters exude calmness and immediately lend a more harmonious atmosphere to any room, be it your bedroom, living room or even your office. They are eye-catching on their own, but when stacked, forming a gallery wall, they offer a truly special sight. A must-have for Lake Balaton lovers!

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The connection, relationship between two people and the questions that arise in this, which preoccupied the graphic artist Dániel Bálint Varga during the creation, so his graphics invite the viewer to a deeper reflection in addition to the unavoidable aesthetic experience. These hand and water-based screen printed pictures are perfect if you want something really special and modern decoration. Choose your favorite and let it stand on its own on an empty wall surface, or get our special selection and use them to create a unique gallery wall!

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This selection of four uniquely designed posters will instantly make any interior look stylish. Choose your favorite and find the perfect place for it in your home, or get all four and target an entire empty wall surface with them! The playful, special design immediately catches the eye, and in addition to the pleasant visual experience, inspiration is also guaranteed - seasoned with some humor.

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This selection of hand-made posters is made for lovers of clean, modern design. The graphics look great individually, and with our thematic selection you can achieve a really harmonious and stylish effect. The sophisticated simplicity of the design and the black and off-white color combination allow these images to fit into almost any interior with style and ease.

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Our Budapest-themed gallery wall selection includes the iconic places of the city center through the lens of Zita Majoros. The graphics inspired by the capital are personal typographic maps on which you can find the buildings and street names that are of great importance to Zita and many other residents of the capital. The black and white design fits any interior, so you only have to choose an empty wall surface for them!

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Our gallery wall collection depicting abstract faces is the first, consisting of only two graphics. These posters are really attention-grabbing by themselves, but they are perfect complementary pairs of each other, so together they create a particularly pleasant overall picture. Thanks to the natural shades, we can decorate almost any environment with them, even with most of our selection of gallery walls.

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