Mental health

Mental hygiene - an unusual exhibition opened in the Printa store on September 30!
The question arose in us: are we more psychologically burdened these days, or are we simply more concerned with our spiritual world and the traumas it inflicts? Several external factors have recently had a strong impact on our inner world - perhaps we don't even need to explain this - but at the same time, both the discourses concerning this and the honesty around people have significantly intensified.

Mental hygiene includes all activities aimed at developing and maintaining a healthy mental life. Four young artists are looking for ways of mental health through their own works, which together provide a complex exhibition experience. Fragments of living space, raster symbolism, comic book narratives and modern witchcraft - they all appear on the serigraphs, i.e. hand-made screen prints, created by the artists.

The exhibiting artists: Lili Thury, Kamilla Hu-Yang, Juli Jásdi, Enikő Eged
You can view the works of the female artists here online or visit the Printa store on Rumbach Sebestyén Street!
The analog photos were taken by Anna Szabó.