Beneficiary Name: Printa Trading and Service Limited Liability Company

Project Title:
„ Development project of Printa Kft. ”

Amount of contracted support: HUF 46,169,512

Amount of support. 70%

Project planned completion date: 31/05/2022

Project ID:
VEKOP-1.2.7- 20-2021-00114

Project Description:

The aim of the project is to bring and develop the production activity in-house. Special manufacturing tasks must be performed because the garments are made from recycled materials. Due to special requirements, it is difficult or impossible to find an external manufacturer, and it is also difficult to manage supervision. The new tools also make it possible to produce special pieces in-house.

The environmentally conscious screen printing studio uses plastic-free water-based inks that do not require the use of solvents. The new tools would, on the one hand, speed up and automate textile screening and, on the other hand, increase flexibility. Accordingly, the implementation of the project would allow the printing of larger textile pieces with the help of the screen printing table, the recording of the samples would be automated with the heat tunnel, and the screen frames would be illuminated ten times faster with the exposure table. Because the required heat press is twice as large as it is now, t-shirts would allow large samples (these are the brand’s trademarks) to be fixed once (instead of twice), reducing the time required for the process in half, increasing productivity. The new intermediate dryer would automate the production of multicolor screened products (instead of the manual manual drying with a hot air blower).

The lot required for the implementation of the project and indicated in the tender is the raw material used for the production of the clothes, which are essential for the creation of the products, on the other hand, for the transformation and modernization of the implementation site. The development of the site (workshop) is necessary to make the installation and operation of new machinery and equipment ideal.

The rest of the project aims to strengthen the external market presence. The company wants to promote the new products created in the project in an online showroom, as an important market for the company is environmentally conscious customers in Western Europe. The online showroom also provides an opportunity to get in touch with potential business partners and resellers. The company uses the Fairling online showroom, in connection with which it marked the photography point in the tender, which is necessary in order to be able to present its products in the right quality online. The project also includes marketing activities, the aim of which is to reach the relevant target group, to introduce and sell new products with the help of foreign social media advertisements.

The project will require the hiring of new staff. The specified wage subsidy is required to fund this.

The project also includes the modernization of the IT background required for the control, administration and planning of the machines, which means the acquisition of 3 modern laptops.

The project is absolutely sustainable given the current expertise in human resources, the history of the brand and the global expansion of environmental awareness. All this will lead to an increase in production and revenue

Tourists have completely disappeared from the brand's store due to the epidemic. The project will also provide access to potential foreign buyers who can partially fill this gap.

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