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ALGEBRA I. graphics - Péter Szabó-Lencz

Algebra I. - Petyka
Designer: Szabó-Lencz Péter
Limited edition (40 copies), numbered and signed posters

Handmade and water-based screen printing on 100% recycled paper
Size: B3; 35 x 50 cm
Place of origin: Hungary, EU
Poster without frame. Rolled up, delivered in a roll of paper.

From the living city to the inner abstraction

In his early work, Petyka used the city primarily as inspiration and as a theme. The starting point was the urban environment and its impact. His creations were mixed with collages and de-collages, posters mounted on top of each other, photos and brush strokes. The resulting works reflected on his experiences of the city one by one.
The theme is the city again, but in a more abstract form. the urban landscape is built from the design world of personal experiences, abstract patterns and colors. The new images bring to life the projections of the inner world much more, if you like, than the early works. Noise and dirt, a kind of injury is emphasized in every job. it is nothing but the monotonous noise of trams and car engines, the smog flying in the cloud, the rust deposited around the train stations. It is also a part of our city, inseparable from it - now it cannot be erased from the pictures, it is a part of it. (Attila Veres)

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