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The permanence of change graphic - Kamilla Hu-Yang

'The permanence of change' graphic - Kamilla Hu-Yang

Designed by: Kamilla HU-Yang
Size: B3, 35 x 50 cm
Place of origin: Hungary, Eu

What lies in space, and how do we get back to fullness when we take over the role of director again over the empty space?
Re-endowing things that have lost meaning for us with meaning, our own creative ability lies in the emptiness , as well as the periodicity of letting go, learning and relearning.
Creating the harmony of "outside" and "inside" is an eternal practice. I create space
for myself within myself for a state of balance.
Return to nature when the world narrows in on you. In the constant cycle of change, the mind is freed. After all, nothing is eternal, only change. So neither are pressing thoughts.

The graphic is available without a frame. Delivered rolled up in a paper tube.

<tc>The permanence of change graphic - Kamilla Hu-Yang</tc>
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