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Men's t-shirt with gray gutter cover

Gray men's t-shirt with gutter cover

Men's short-sleeved t-shirt with a unique hand and water-based screen print on the front.

Material composition: 100% organic cotton
Place of origin: Hungary, EU
Supplier: Continental Clothing, India. The supplier places great emphasis on sustainable production, social responsibility, reducing carbon emissions and the quality of clothing.

[#other] Instructions for use: Washable at 30 ° C, iron at medium temperature, bleach and machine dry are not recommended. [/ other]

For screen-printed products, always clean with a low-temperature washing machine. We also recommend that you handle the products upside down.
These patterns are made with a water-based paint, making them more sensitive and less heat resistant.
With regular use and cleaning, they will fade naturally over time.

Men's t-shirt with gray gutter cover
Men's t-shirt with gray gutter cover
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