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Black men's t-shirt with pockets

Pocket long sleeve black men's t-shirt

Classic tailored unisex long sleeve t-shirt. With a large sewn-on pocket, the pocket is made of vintage linen.

Composition: 100% organic cotton
Place of origin:
Supplier: Continental Clothing. The supplier places great emphasis on sustainable production, social responsibility, reducing carbon emissions and the quality of clothing.

Each piece is handmade and unique, so the product ordered may differ from the images as little as possible.

[#other] Instructions for use: Washable at 30 ° C, iron at medium temperature, bleach and machine dry are not recommended. [/ other]

For screen-printed products, cleaning is always done with a low temperature washing machine. We also recommend that you handle the products upside down.
These patterns are made with water-based paint, making them more sensitive and less resistant to heat.
In addition to regular use and cleaning, they will fade naturally over time.

Black men's t-shirt with pockets
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