Printa is a Hungarian environmentally conscious brand that designs and manufactures various products. Whether it's souvenirs, clothing collections, accessories or graphics, our ideology is basically determined by Budapest, eco-fashion and screen printing. usual souvenirs. Among other things, we make T-shirts, bags, booklets and postcards, which are decorated with unofficial symbols of Budapest, special and unique screen-printed patterns.
Our graphics are inspired by the hustle and bustle of the capital, street art, typography and subjective maps. we consider it important, so our clothing collection aims to draw attention to the use of alternative materials and ‘slow fashion’. AWARE by Printa is the only eco-fashion line in Hungary that deals with the recycling of discarded garments. Following the principles of
'upcycling', we repaint, redesign and reprint old textiles and create new and unique pieces from refurbished materials. Old leather jackets, men’s shirts, sweaters as well as household textiles and industrial textile scraps are becoming valuable and useful again in our hands.
Printa Limited Edition is a collection of truly youthful and urban images. The hand-printed prints are made in the limited print run of 40 in the Printa screen printing studio. Artists number their unique works and authenticate them with a signature.
Printa is more than a storefront; living space and feeling of life. That's why we've set up a small café and gallery so that those interested can enjoy not only the joy of shopping, but also newer experiences.
Our products are currently available in Budapest, and some pieces can also be ordered through the webshop.

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