Major Zita


I was born in Serbia and graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, majoring in graphics. I founded Printa in 2009 and envisioned it as a kind of creative playground where I can realize all my ideas. It took time for me to understand that my work does not only consist of creative tasks - I learned to manage a company very slowly. In addition to creative planning and management, my main tasks include team management, business planning and execution, as well as maintaining contact with the marketing agency and other partners. Now every part of my work motivates me, both my hobby and my profession, so I can call myself really lucky.

János Deák


I got to know the textile and fashion industry during my high school studies, where I learned the basics of tailoring. I continued my studies at the University of Óbuda, majoring in product and design engineering, where I gained the theoretical knowledge of the profession. During my university studies, I was able to complete a professional internship with a renowned Hungarian fashion designer, where I worked as an associate for a total of nine years and enriched my knowledge in the areas of custom-sized clothing, collections, education, events and production. I met Printa around 2018 and started working together. In part, the creation of Printa works required a completely different way of seeing, which posed a new challenge. It was exciting for me to delve into the world of zero waste construction and reuse. For more than two years now, I have been leading production and preparation, making sample pieces and tailoring samples as a pillar member of the team. What I like most about my work, in addition to creating, is that I always find a new challenge and I can improve myself.

Dániel Bálint Varga


I graduated from the School of Contemporary Art (KREA) in graphic design in 2019. I learned a lot about graphics from my masters here, both during and after my school years. I started working at Printa as an intern in 2018, and slowly studies, hobbies and interests became intertwined with work, and a symbiosis began to develop in which I can express myself as an artist, but also as a designer or even recently as an organizer. Screen printing is common to all of them. The periods change a lot, when which gets more emphasis, and so we strive to ensure that everyone finds their own proportions and tasks in addition to our commitments, that we also pass on and share the experiences gained here, as well as give opportunities within the framework of exhibitions to Hungarian artists and future for artists as well.

Anna Szabo


I graduated from the graphics department at the Buda Drawing School. The team at Printa is very good in that no two days are the same, because concretely, something always happens, which of course can be good or bad, but we always solve it with teamwork. I am also happy that my works enrich the Printa graphics collection. Basically, I am a salesperson, I keep order in the store, and I try to be as much help to Timi as possible.

Kéri Enhtujá


I come from Mongolia, I am a seamstress and tailor, and I have worked in several sewing shops. I met Printa pieces for the first time in 2017: when I was still a member of an external sewing company, Printa upcycling clothes came to me. Even then, I liked that they are unique and that you don't just have to make them, but also think creatively about them. As of 2019, I am already a member of the Printa team, and if you own a Printa dress, it was probably made by me. I really love my job, it gives me life. I especially like to work with detailed work clothes that challenge me.