Printa is one of the first environmentally conscious brands in Hungary. Behind the name is a design shop, an art gallery, and a screen printing studio, all in one place in downtown Budapest. We design and manufacture a limited number of custom-designed clothes, posters, souvenirs, home accessories in Hungary, in small quantities, from recycled, organic and innovative raw materials, combining traditional craft techniques with modern technical possibilities.
We are constantly looking for sustainable options to ensure impeccable quality. , to offer sophisticated, practical and beautiful products - without compromise.
When designing clothes, Printa is committed to the responsible use of materials. We work with vintage and recycled materials such as men’s shirts, leather jackets, or sailcloth. The coating of organic and alternative textiles makes it possible to make clothes without residual material. The pieces are made unique not only by the special materials and tailoring patterns, but also by the hand-made, water-based sieve patterns.
The Printa’s Pest collection was inspired by the colorful world of the capital. Posters, souvenirs and clothing bear the patterns of Budapest, thanks to the quality raw materials and handmade production they are popular not only among tourists but also among companies.
Limited series of posters in our screen printing studio we make it from the works of talented Hungarian artists. You can find decorations for any home among the hand-made, numbered graphics.
The Printa zero waste collection features products related to the waste-free lifestyle . We consider it important to offer environmentally friendly, plastic-free, degradable tools that are extremely durable and useful.
We make souvenirs with logos or unique graphics for our corporate customers. We are happy to organize screen printing courses for groups looking for an extraordinary, creative team building program.
We are working to create a clean, livable, transparent, self-identical world. Our goal is to represent lasting values ​​beyond our products and pass them on to others, so we are happy to tell you about our manufacturing processes on our
blog on . From time to time we open our studio for those who want to meet us in person. We are open to any questions via social media or email .

Read about our production, collections and collaborations: Printa blog

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