Terms of service

General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) of Printa Kft.(hereinafter referred to as Service Provider) and https://printa-design-hu.myshopify.com, contains the rights and obligations of the customer (hereinafter: Customer) who has entered into a commercial relationship with the Service Provider, as well as the terms and conditions of the use of the site and the commercial relationship.The General Terms and Conditions apply to all legal transactions and services, which are 1.via the website mentioned in point

2.Service provider data
Name of the service provider: Printa Kft.
Website of the service provider: https://printa-design-hu.myshopify.com
Head office: 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u.10/A.
Phone number: + 36 30 292 03 29
E-mail address: info@printa.en
Tax number: 14554416-2-42
Community tax number: HU 14554416

3.Basic provisions

The questions not regulated in these Regulations, as well as the interpretation of these Regulations, are governed by Hungarian law, especially with regard to the Civil Code of 2013.V of the yearlaw ("Ptk.”) and the 2001 Act on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society.year CVIII(Elker.TV.) Act, and 45/2014 on the detailed rules of contracts between the consumer and the business.(II. 26.) Govt.the relevant provisions of the decree.
The mandatory provisions of the relevant legislation apply to the parties without special stipulations.

These Regulations will remain in effect until revoked.The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify the Regulations.The Service Provider will publish the amendments on the website.By using the website, users accept that all regulations related to the use of the website automatically apply to them.

User, if he enters the webshop website operated by the Service Provider, or
read its content in any way - even if you are not a registered user
webshop- acknowledges that the provisions of the Regulations are binding on you.If the User does not accept the conditions, he is not entitled to view the content of the webshop.

The service provider reserves all rights to the webshop website, any of its details and
with regard to the content appearing on it and the distribution of the website.It is forbidden to
download of contents appearing on the webshop or any of their details, electronic
storage, processing and sale without the written consent of the Service Provider.


By purchasing/registering on the website, the user declares that he/she has read and accepts the terms of these GTC and the Data Management Information published on the website, and consents to data management.

The User is obliged to provide his own real data during the purchase/registration.In case of untrue data provided during the purchase/registration or related to another person, the resulting electronic contract is null and void.The Service Provider excludes its responsibility if the User uses its services on behalf of another person, with the data of another person.

The Service Provider bears no responsibility for delivery delays or other problems or errors that can be traced back to wrongly and/or inaccurately provided data by the User.

The Service Provider shall not be held liable for damages resulting from the User forgetting his or her password, or if it becomes accessible to unauthorized persons for any reason not attributable to the Service Provider.

5.Range of purchasable products and services

The displayed products can be ordered online or available in person in the store (address of service provider, see 2.point Service provider data).Regarding the products
displayed prices are in forints and include the statutory VAT, but not
include the home delivery fee.No separate packaging costs will be charged.

In the webshop, the Service Provider indicates the name and description of the product in detail, and displays photos of the products.The images displayed on the product data sheet may differ from reality,
may be included as an illustration.We are not responsible for the image appearing in the webshop and
due to differences in the actual appearance of the product.Given that Service Provider a
distributes unique products decorated with water-based screen printing, handmade, made from sustainable and recycled materials in the webshop, so that the User
you should note that the deviation from the displayed images is normal, the noticeable difference in the color shade and the not completely uniform painting are not considered defects on the products.

If a promotional price is introduced, the Service Provider will fully inform Users about the promotion and its exact duration.

If, despite all the care taken by the Service Provider, the Webshop is charged an incorrect price
surface, especially with regard to the obviously wrong, e.g.the product is well-known, generally
significantly different from the accepted or estimated price, possibly due to a system error
for a price of HUF 0 or HUF 1, then the Service Provider is not obliged to deliver the product at the wrong price,
but can offer delivery at the correct price, knowing which the Customer can refuse
of your purchase intention.

In the case of an incorrect price, there is a noticeable disparity in value between the product's real and stated price, which an average consumer needs to notice immediately.2013 on the Civil Code.V of the yearlaw (Ptk.), the contract is created by the mutual and unanimous expression of the will of the parties.If the parties cannot agree on the contractual terms, i.e. there is no declaration expressing the will of the parties mutually and unanimously, in that case we cannot speak of a validly concluded contract from which rights and obligations arise.Based on this, an order confirmed at an incorrect/wrong price is considered a void contract.

6.Order process

The user logs into the webshop after registration and/or without registration
you can start shopping.User sets the number of products to be purchased.The user places the selected products in the basket.The user can view the contents of the basket at any time by clicking on the "basket" icon.

If the User wants to add another product to the cart, he can continue browsing the products.If you don't want to buy an additional product, check the quantity of the product you want to buy.You can delete the given product by clicking on the "remove" link.To finalize the quantity, the User clicks the "update" button.

User selects the delivery address and then the delivery/payment method, the types of which are

Payment methods:

- Payment by bank transfer
The user can easily pay the value of the order online through the secure payment system of SimplePay OTP Mobil.
After crediting the amount to the Service Provider's bank account by bank transfer, the User is entitled to receive the product(s) in the manner specified by him.

- Payment via Paypal
If you have a PayPal registration, then after entering a valid ID and password, proceed
You can see the partial data of the given bank card and the amount to be paid.If several cards are registered, you must select the card to pay with
you would like, and after selecting, click on Pay Now to complete the payment and return to the store page shortly.

If you do not have PayPal registration, it is possible to become a Guest after filling out a form
Pay the amount with PayPal access, without having to register with PayPal at

7.Shipping Information

On the delivery of our products, Magyar Posta Zrt.- MPL Courier Service takes care.
We will post your package as soon as possible - within a maximum of 5 working days - after the order has been placed and the total amount has been credited to our account.
In case of unsuccessful delivery, we can re-deliver the package only for an additional cost.
If there is an error or deficiency in the products or prices in the webshop,
we reserve the right to make corrections.In such a case, after recognizing or modifying the error
we will immediately inform the customer about the new data.The customer can then confirm the order once more, or it is possible for either party to withdraw from the contract.

The total amount to be paid is everything based on the summary of the order and the confirmation letter
includes cost.The invoice is included in the package.User is obliged to the package
to be inspected upon delivery and any defects detected on products or packaging
in case of damage, you are obliged to request a record, in case of damage, you are not obliged to deliver the package
to take over.The Service Provider does not accept subsequent complaints without a protocol.

Correction of data entry errors: User everything before closing the order process In the
case, you can go back to the previous phase, where you can correct the entered data.

The user will receive a confirmation by e-mail after sending the order.If
e confirmation from the sending of the User's order, the service
within the expected deadline depending on the nature, but no later than 48 hours to the User
arrives, the User is released from the binding offer or contractual obligation.
The order and its confirmation are then considered to be the Service Provider's, respectively
They arrive at the user when they become accessible to him.Excluded by service provider
's responsibility for confirmation if the confirmation is not received on time because the User entered the wrong e-mail address during registration, or the account's
can't receive messages due to storage space being full.

8.Processing and fulfillment of orders

Orders are processed during business hours.It is also possible to place the order outside of the times marked as processing the order, if it is done after the end of working hours, it will be processed on the following day(s).The service provider's customer service or the webshop will always confirm electronically when your order was completed.

General deadline, within 5 working days from confirmation.If
Service Provider and User did not agree on the time of performance, Service Provider
At the time or within the time specified in the user's notice, in the absence of a notice
no later than thirty days from the receipt of the order by the Service Provider
obliged to perform according to the contract.

If the Service Provider does not fulfill its obligations under the contract because the product specified in the contract is not available within the performance deadline, it is obliged to inform the User immediately and refund the amount paid by the User immediately, but no later than within thirty days.

The service provider reserves the right to partially reject orders that have already been confirmed,
or in full.Partial fulfillment is subject to consultation with the User only
can take place next!


9.1Accessory warranty

In what cases can the User exercise his accessory warranty right?
In case of incorrect performance by the company operating the user webshop, against the company
You can enforce a warranty claim according to the rules of the Civil Code.

What rights does the User have based on his accessory warranty claim?
The User may - at his or her choice - make use of the following accessory warranty claims: he or she may request repair or replacement, unless the fulfillment of the demand chosen by the User is impossible or disproportionate for the company compared to the fulfillment of other needs
would incur additional costs.If you did not or could not request the repair or replacement, you can request a proportional reduction of the compensation or the fault at the expense of the company
The user can also repair it, or have it repaired by someone else or - as a last resort - withdraw from the contract.You can switch from your chosen accessory warranty right to another, the cost of the switch
however, it is borne by the User, unless it was justified or the company gave it a reason.

What is the deadline for asserting the User's accessory warranty claim?
The user is obliged to report the error immediately after its discovery, but no later than within two months from the discovery of the error.At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can no longer assert your accessory warranty rights beyond the two-year limitation period from the completion of the contract.

Who can you assert your warranty claim against?
The user can enforce his accessory warranty claim against the company.

What other conditions are there for asserting your accessory warranty rights?
Within six months from the date of delivery, there is no other condition for validating the accessory warranty claim other than reporting the error, if the User proves that the product or service was provided by the company operating the webshop.However, after six months from the date of performance, the User is obliged to prove that the error recognized by the User was already present at the time of performance.

9.2.Product warranty

In what cases can the User exercise his product warranty right?
In the event of a defect in a movable thing (product), you are covered by the accessory warranty at the User's option
can assert a product warranty claim.

What rights does the User have based on his product warranty claim?
As a product warranty claim, the User may only request the repair or replacement of the defective product.

In which case is the product considered defective?
The product is defective if it does not meet the quality standards in effect at the time it was placed on the market
requirements, or if it does not have the one in the description given by the manufacturer with

What is the time limit for the User to enforce his product warranty claim?
The User may assert a product warranty claim within two years of the product being placed on the market by the manufacturer.After this deadline, you will lose this right.

Who can you assert your product warranty claim against and under what other conditions?
You can exercise your product warranty claim only against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable object.The User must prove the defect of the product in the event of a product warranty claim.

In what cases is the manufacturer (distributor) exempt from product warranty obligations?
The manufacturer (distributor) is exempted from its product warranty obligation only if
can prove that:
–the product was not manufactured or marketed as part of its business activities, or
– according to the state of science and technology, the defect did not exist at the time of marketing
you are recognizable
– the defect of the product results from the application of legislation or mandatory official regulations.
It is sufficient for the manufacturer (distributor) to prove one reason for the exemption.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that due to the same fault, you cannot assert an accessory warranty claim and a product warranty claim at the same time, in parallel with each other.However, if your product warranty claim is successfully asserted, you can assert your accessory warranty claim for the replaced product or repaired part against the manufacturer.

10.The procedure in the event of a warranty claim

In a contract between a consumer and a business, the agreement of the parties may not deviate from the provisions of the regulation to the disadvantage of the consumer.
It is the consumer's duty to prove the conclusion of the contract (with an invoice or even just
with receipt).The costs related to the fulfillment of the warranty obligation shall be borne by the Service Provider (Ptk.6:166.§).The Service Provider is obliged to take a record of the consumer's reported warranty or guarantee claim.A copy of the protocol must be made available to the consumer immediately and in a verifiable manner.

If the Service Provider about the fulfillment of the consumer's warranty or guarantee claim When reporting
, he cannot state his position
–if the request is rejected, the reason for the rejection and the possibility of turning to the conciliation body
must notify the consumer in a verifiable manner within five working days.

The Service Provider is obliged to keep the protocol for three years from its recording,
and present it at the request of the inspection authority.The Service Provider must strive to make the repair or replacement a maximum of fifteen Complete


11.Miscellaneous Provisions

A service provider is entitled to use a contributor to fulfill its obligations.For this
is fully responsible for its illegal conduct, as if the illegal conduct
he would have committed it himself.

If any part of these Regulations is invalid, illegal or unenforceable
becomes, it does not affect the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining parts

If the Service Provider does not exercise its right under the Regulations, the exercise of the right
failure to do so shall not be considered a waiver of the given right.By any right
cancellation is valid only in the case of an express written declaration to this effect
s.The fact that the Service Provider does not strictly adhere to an essential condition or stipulation of the Regulations on one occasion does not mean that it renounces to insist on strict compliance with the given condition or stipulation in the future.

The Service Provider and the User try to resolve their disputes amicably.


It is not permitted to download (duplicate), re-transmit to the public, use, electronically store, process and sell the contents of this website or any part of them without the written consent of the Service Provider.At the same time, any material from the website and its database can only be taken by referring to the given website, even with written consent.

The Service Provider reserves all rights to all elements of its service, the domain
names, secondary domain names formed with them, and internet advertising surfaces.

It is forbidden to adapt or reverse engineer the content of this website or some parts of it; establishing user IDs and passwords in an unfair manner;
use of any application with which you are on the website Any part of
can be modified or indexed.