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Printa Crush - interview with Liliana Szilágyi

Liliána Szilágyi, an elite athlete, has become a community activist, who actively deals with self-image improvement and helps self-knowledge in different ways, following her own path.

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Thoughtful travel

What should we take with us on a trip? A capsule wardrobe is still practical! One of the great advantages of Printa's clothes is that they are easy to combine with each other and, by the way, they are sustainable.

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What does patriarchy mean to a man? How does strength and tenderness live in symbiosis? Dániel Bálint Varga's latest collection is not only a men's fashion product, but also an idea.

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Zita has always been interested in people who create value in their field, which is why we launched the Printa Crush series, in which you can get to know them a little closer - with whom we fell in love. both with its visuality. The women appearing in the series have significant community-shaping and inspiring power: with their work and their whole being, they make the world a more liveable, beautiful and sustainable place.


art director

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founder of the Hannabi brand

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