Frequently Asked Questions

About Printa

What does Printa do?

Printa is the first environmentally conscious Hungarian brand that designs and manufactures various products.We draw attention to recycling and a sustainable lifestyle; our wide selection is also made in Hungary with this in mind.We make almost everything locally and by hand.Whether it's souvenirs, clothing collection, accessories or graphics, our ideology is fundamentally defined by Budapest, eco-fashion and screen printing.AWARE by Printa is the only eco-fashion line in Hungary that deals with the recycling of discarded clothing.Following the basic principles of recycling, old textiles are repainted, re-tailored, provided with a specific water-based screen print, and new and unique pieces are created from the refreshed materials.Old leather jackets, men's shirts, sweaters, as well as household textiles and industrial textile remnants become valuable and useful again in our hands.

Are Printa products available in other stores?

Yes.Our partners include the shop of the Hungarian State Opera House and the shop of the Spirit Hotel in Sárvár.Our temporary partners are the Projekt Showroom and the Gift Terminal.If you would also like to be our partner, please write to us at info@printa.hu to e-mail address.


What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by card on our webshop through the SimplePay (OTPMobil) service.We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro bank cards.

Delivery Terms

Where do you deliver within Hungary?

We deliver to the entire country.

What shipping costs should I expect?

The delivery fee is uniformly gross 1.HUF 700.As soon as you finalize the payment, you will already see the shipping cost.

How long will it take you to deliver my order? Who will deliver my package?

At the moment Magyar Posta Zrt.We use the MPL package delivery service, which is fast and safe.We prepare the orders received by us within 2-4 working days at the latest.We will also notify you by email if we want to share any important information with you.Your package will be delivered within 1-2, but no more than 3 working days from the time it is sent by post.

Is it possible to track the sent package?

Yes.Every sent package has a shipment ID, which we send to you via the webshop.With the help of the identifier, you can find out about the current status of your package here: https://www.postalen/tracking

Is it also possible to receive it in person?

Yes.You can also pick up the ordered product(s) in person at our store, in which case we will of course not charge any fees.We will notify you by e-mail as soon as we have prepared your order.After that, you can pick up your order at any time during opening hours.

Exchange and buyback guarantee

Can I return a product? Can it be replaced if the size is not right?

We can only be truly satisfied if you are also satisfied with our products.You can live with a buy-back guarantee for 30 days and you can exchange it during this time if you return the product to our address in its original condition.In the above cases, we are unable to cover your shipping costs.Please contact us by e-mail before sending the package.If you cancel the purchase, we can only refund the price of the product.

So, follow the following steps:

  1. Send us an email at info@printa.hu and let's discuss what to do.
  1. Deliver your package to the following address:
    Printa Kft.
    Rumbach Sebestyén u.10/A.
  2. As soon as the returned product has arrived, we will ship your new package according to the pre-agreed conditions or refund the price of the product if you have decided to buy back.

If we made a mistake or the product arrived damaged, please write to info@printa.hu and we will do our best to correct the error.Our main goal is for you to be satisfied with your purchase, so we work to find the best solution to any problem.


Clothes and textiles

What sizes of clothes do you sell?

We use European numbering.If there might be some discrepancy, we will definitely indicate it with the given piece of clothing (e.g.: casual wear).

How should I take care of the clothes I bought?

Since many of our products are decorated with screen prints, we ask that you follow our washing and care instructions: the textiles can be washed at 30℃, ironed at a medium temperature, bleaching and machine drying are not recommended.In this way, you can preserve the quality of the materials for a long time and use them for a longer time.

What technique do you use to decorate textiles and clothes?

All decorations are screen-printed in our studio, and after hand-printing, we 'iron' them into the material at a high temperature.Thus, clothes and various textiles can now be washed.Water-based screen printing is not only a more environmentally friendly and sustainable choice, but also produces softer and more durable prints, unlike plastisol.

Can these prints fade over time?

We use high-quality water-based paints to decorate the materials with the best and most natural prints possible.Regardless, it is possible that the color will fade somewhat after several washes.

Does production take place entirely locally?

We make everything possible locally in our own studio, and we carry out other production processes in and around Budapest.We recycle industrial scraps, second-hand clothes and we also use a lot of natural cotton canvas.As a satisfied partner, our company has been using Continental Clothing t-shirts, sweaters and canvas bags with preference for many years, because they are made of first-class material, easy to handle and decorate.We are happy to sift through such materials, because we know that we can work with quality and environmentally conscious products.

I would like to order a product that is not currently available in the webshop.Could I be notified when it is available again?

Yes, of course.Please send an e-mail to info@printa.hu if you would like to buy a product that is not currently available in our webshop.That way, we can contact you if the given piece can be ordered again.You can also place a pre-order with us.Write what you want to buy and we will try to get it to you as soon as possible.


What kind of leather do you work with?

We recycle all kinds of leather.Leather scraps, leather jackets, leather skirts and leather pants are transformed in our hands and continue their life journey as bags.Thus, each piece is quite unique and slightly different from the others.That makes it even more special.If you have any questions, please write to us at info@printa.hu to e-mail address.

How can I clean my Printa bag?

Canvas bags, shopping bags and sports bags are machine washable.Follow the following care instructions: the textiles can be washed at 30℃, ironed at a medium temperature, bleaching and machine drying are not recommended.We provide our leather bags with a water-repellent polyester lining, they can be cleaned by hand.We recommend using a skin care product to clean the skin itself.

Are the bags waterproof?

Leather, by nature, is not completely waterproof.It is resistant to a certain extent, but larger amounts of water can even damage the skin.It is therefore important to properly care for the skin in order to preserve the value and essential properties of the skin for a long time.


Do you make all graphics by hand?

Yes.In our screen printing studio, we create all graphics by hand, which makes them even more special.

Do you only offer limited series prints for sale?

We usually make graphics in limited series.In this case, a total of 40 prints are made, which are individually numbered and signed by the artist.We also screen print graphics from which more pieces are made, but since these are also produced individually by hand, we cannot talk about high numbers of copies.

In what packaging do you deliver the graphics?

The graphics are sold without a frame.The prints are delivered rolled up and in a paper cylinder so that they are not damaged during transport.

Other questions

I would also like to sell Printa products in my shop.Is this possible?

We are open to cooperation.We would like our products to be available on the shelves of other stores as well.If you would like to work with us, please write to info@printa.hu and let's discuss the possibilities.

Can I place an individual order? Do you accept company orders?

Yes, depending on the capacity of our screen printing studio, we undertake external work.We look forward to hearing from you at info@printa.hu and please describe your ideas in as much detail as possible.Explore the color, size, pattern, and even attach designs so we can see what you had in mind.It is important that we can accept an order for the production of at least 30 pieces and on the carrier we offer.The individual price offer will be prepared based on the parameters of the incoming order.

Do you also sell works by external designers?

No.We are sorry, but we are unable to accept works by external artists, as Printa sells its own designed and/or manufactured products.We hope you find the place where your own work fits perfectly.