Anette and I have known each other for a very long time - she was the talented young designer who designed the first leather jacket bags for my first store and brand. A lot of time has passed since then, but I kept an eye on Anett’s work, and her fashion illustrations have always been enchanting. That’s why I was very happy when he accepted my request and created two illustrations for us that were inspired by Printa’s spring collection. We made a limited edition screen print of the illustrations in our studio and talked to Anette about her work:

Ever since I knew you, you’ve been dealing with a lot of things, from bag design, to fashion design, to fashion illustration and artist illustration. Can you tell us a little bit about this?

I studied textiles at MOMÉ, I graduated as a leather designer, so I have been designing professionally since 2009. That’s when the KEPP Showroom was formed, which was a very exciting, fresh, courageous initiative with my fellow groupmates. Since then, I have been working in the relation of fashion-accessories-illustrations, I have designed accessories and clothes for Hungarian fashion brands such as NUBU, Aeron, Nanushka, Use and Printa. You can meet my illustration works on the pages of Marie Claire, Glamor, Instyle, I designed advertising graphics for the American cosmetics company Olay or for AVON, which is also an important player internationally. Along with these, art education has come in the last few years, and I currently teach design and fashion illustration at MOMÉ.

How did the Illustri studio / shop idea come about and what is its concept?

Illustri is my own studio, where I work on a daily basis, and it also acts as a kind of representation space. The walls are decorated with compositions composed of my own graphics, which can shed light on the aesthetics of artistic illustrations.

The tiny business premises are located in the business premises of a typical Bauhaus house in Újpipótváros, with a large shop window, which allows passers-by and those interested to look at me from the street.

I dreamed of a monthly installation in the shop window, which highlights my studio from far away from the shops around it.

I plan to include thematic exhibitions in the field of artistic fashion illustration in Illustri's program, because I consider it important to promote this genre at home, as it does in Western countries.

How would you describe your illustration style? Where do you get your inspiration from?

The biggest inspiration for me is the world of fashion, I admire the newer and newer collections from big brands, from the bold silhouettes, the current color and pattern trends, the photo material of the lookbooks of the brands or the aesthetics of the fashion shows. I feel like I could forever make an adaptation of these images into illustrations.

When I started making more serious illustrations, I worked with digital tools, which were still new at the time, even though I had made all my drawings manually before, but the new tool was very captivating. However, after a few years of digital creation, I felt the need to change because it was difficult to show something new in my work, I felt the process was a bit mechanical. That’s when I started drawing again again, that is, rather painting, in which I found many new opportunities to unfold my style. I often continue to work on these hand-painted works digitally, but I have works that I no longer touch on with a computer.

When creating my compositions, I am currently trying to create a somewhat surreal atmosphere, which I achieve with the collage technique, by juxtaposing different elements, because the illustration gives us the opportunity to convey feelings that the fashion photography genre does not allow. .

view graphics: Retrospection , Foresight

In what interior can you imagine your illustrations the most?

My illustrations feature the use of pastel tones with very feminine aesthetics, often portraits, or a combination of them with patterns or full silhouettes. These works can be combined well with typography and monochrome images. They certainly look good in a modern, youthful apartment.

Most inspiring instagram profiles to follow?

My favorite international illustrators are: @rosiemcguinness @tinaberning @jessrosebird @bijoukarman @robunett @jackyblue without the need for completeness, and it's always good to see the latest works by @ilkameszely or @alibuzas on Instagram.

If you are interested in Anett's work, you can find it here:

photo: @juststaynatural

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