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After the color consultation, I felt very confident at the same time, but at the same time I suddenly became insecure. What about my clothes that officially don't fit? How can I wear my beloved black next? And what if a shade doesn't really suit me, but I really like it? Then I can never wear it again? Even after the color consultation, we can wear anything, the emphasis is on how. Based on Printa's spring collection, I present my favorite tricks. Let the color advice 2.0 come.

In the previous post I told you what the basis of color type analysis is, why it is worth getting to know how knowing your color type can be the basis of an environmentally conscious wardrobe. Learning about your own color type affects everyone differently, as we are all different, we like different shades, and different shades evoke different reactions in us.

For example, someone avoids the color red because they don't like its loudness, but there is still a shade of red that suits them well. What's more, it's possible that you look your best in the most vibrant shade of poppy red, but you still don't feel like yourself. Another doesn't wear brown because it's her mother's color and she doesn't want to dress like that, even though it suits her very well. The marketing of brown is bad anyway, it is often considered an old color, even though there are fantastic shades that can be combined very fresh and fresh. Some people can't let go of certain shades because they find them beautiful, even though they can clearly see during counseling that they don't suit them. And there are people who suffer from the fact that their favorite colors don't suit them well, they don't like the shades of their color type, so they can't wear any of them, so they stay with dark blue or black clothes that represent safety.

How to wear shades that officially don't look good?

I say that you can basically wear any shade, but it doesn't matter...

... where is it located within the outfit,

… are we wearing makeup that day,

... on which surface the given shade appears,

... what do we want to express with that day's outfit,

... how we want to look,

... how can we compensate if the given shade is not suitable.

  • Wear it away from our face

  • Take my example! I myself belong to the summer color type, so sun-kissed, grey, ashy, soft shades look really good, such as light, delicate lemon yellow or faded denim blue. However, I find the mustard shade in Printa's 2021 spring collection beautiful, which doesn't really suit me, but I really like it. Among the mustard colored pieces, I would certainly not choose canvas overalls, but rather mustard colored cotton canvas slouchy trousers so I can wear it with a top that matches my color type - like lemon yellow.

    The question may arise as to the value of mixing cold and warm shades. The color types system classifies cold and warm shades into separate types, they do not appear on the same palette. This is also one of the criticisms of dressing according to color type, which you can also read about in the previous article. If you ask my opinion: I think it is amazingly exciting to see them next to each other, they often enhance each other's qualities. Creatively combined, they give a very special look.

  • Wear it with makeup

  • However, if I were to fall in love with the aforementioned mustard-colored linen overalls so much that I couldn't leave them, I would definitely wear them with make-up. a refreshing make-up can strengthen the contrasts on the face, so we can wear brighter colors than what officially looks good. We can look fresh, so a less good shade will not make our face look so pale. You can play with make-up very well, let's take advantage of it. Of course, I don't wear makeup every day either, and I'm fine with my makeup-free face, but I consider it a tool that can boost my confidence and make me feel better in my own skin.

    Just to have my own story: I got rid of my last brown turtleneck two years after my own color type analysis, and I wore it with pleasure until then. I selected it because, on the one hand, its material started to deteriorate, and on the other hand, my allergy to rabbit fur, which was present in that vintage hoodie in a tiny percentage, was getting stronger and stronger. After the color consultation, however, I always wore it with make-up.

    I have been photographed several times in various magazines, where the stylists always gave me a beige dress for some reason. Beige doesn't look as good as gray - if we're thinking in basic shades - but I never objected, because I always knew that a good make-up and after-work would add a lot to my appearance.

  • Wear it as a blazer, cardigan, coat

  • Even though I don't officially look good in black, I still have black clothes to this day, because they are easy to use, easy to combine, they give me confidence, and they have a kind of strength and elegance that I really like. Black officially suits only one color type, the winter type, without make-up. Despite this, I only and exclusively dissuade those who have very light hair, eyes and skin, dark blue is much more beneficial for them, even with makeup.

    Everyone else feel free to wear it, especially away from the face, like as a skirt. But if we choose a black cardigan, blazer, jacket, we can always wear a shade that is beneficial to our color type. For example, I usually wear my second-hand leather jackets with a colorful scarf, or wear a t-shirt or dress underneath that is dominated by the shade(s) of my own color type.

    A black top like a bodysuit with a low back cut, a black ruffled blouse or a ruffled dress or a black linen overall, I would definitely only wear it with minimal make-up. (For me, make-up equals concealer, mascara and blush, nothing more.) I also recommend this for spring, summer and autumn color types, if they reach for such more massive, large-surface black clothing.

    And if we still want to buy according to our color type?

    I don't want to dissuade anyone from that either, so I looked through Printa's spring 2021 collection and will tell you which clothes I would recommend for which color type, if I were VERY strict. (As it turns out, I'm not.)

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