This year's f collection of men was born in the II. World War II Yugoslav Memorials Inspired A 60 - 70 - and years monumentalist concrete abstract sculpture ai appear in graphic transcription on t-shirts, canvas bags and graphics kon .

The sculptures in the work are all in the former Yugoslavia, where our designer Zita Majoros comes from. Zita not only pays homage to the collection before she originated, but also commemorates a country that no longer exists today to which she still feels a citizen.

At the birth of the collection, Kosmaj and Kozara were chosen by the designer. Both memorials were the site of important Yugoslav revolutionary battles. The Kozara monument depicts the struggle between darkness and light, while the statue of Kosmaj symbolizes a spark of revolution and freedom. Sharp shapes in graphics are softened by freely guided brush strokes.

In addition to organic cotton T-shirts and sweaters, the collection consists of recycled cotton knitted turtleneck and bomber jackets, as well as comfortable cotton trousers. View products

This time their model is Bálint Varga, a studio manager who is a talented graphic artist in addition to his screen printing work at Printa.

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