Our latest children's clothing collection this time is an exciting collaboration with the Me & MyMummy brand. In addition to being truly lovable and charming, the garments are made from 100% cotton materials certified by Gots and OEKOTEX, which are decorated with unique patterns based on water-based screen printing. We asked the designer, Éva Metcalf, about her creative process and sources of inspiration, and even about the most important aspects of designing a quality children's clothing.

How was your brand created?

The world in my life is interested in dress, fashion and clothing design. When my first little girl, Mia, was born, I enjoyed getting dressed and loved getting together in our outfits. I noticed that when we got dressed, we got a lot of praise. That’s when I came up with the idea to create a brand where mom and daughter get dressed. With the enthusiastic support of my family and the professional help of my cousin (Zita Majoros), I cut and created my first collection.

What inspires you to design children's clothes?

I dropped out of office work into motherhood, the security of fixed work was important to me. As a mother, I was faced with obstacles I had never experienced before, an energy I had not even known existed before. It gave me the strength to start a new business with a tiny baby. Since then, my little daughter, Lara, has been born, so I have two little models who help me design the clothes.

How is the product development process going for you?

Usually there is a piece, material or color that starts the design, the collection is built around that. It is very important to me that a collection is diverse and at the same time uniform: there should be everyday and casual pieces in it, but each dress should be special in itself.

What is important in a good children's outfit?

With several years of experience behind me, it has already matured in me what style of clothes I like to make, what are the most important aspects, from the choice of material to the design of the style. I design as a mother all the time;) so it is important that it is comfortable and wearable and of course not wrinkled if possible. Make sure the design is durable, the garment will last for several seasons in terms of quality, workmanship and style! The material should be comfortable and natural to wear, come from a tested, nearby source, producing as little waste as possible!

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