Felsőörs eclecticism, Balaton harbor and black basics - Printa's summer collection is here!

Felsőörsi eklektika, balatoni kikötő és fekete alapdarabok - Itt a Printa nyári kollekciója!

What pieces do you imagine yourself in this summer? In romantic and eclectic sets? Would you rather stick to the classic white and navy ensembles reminiscent of the water's edge, or stick to the basic black pieces? Whatever you decide, Printa has prepared something exciting for every occasion.

Can't you give up wearing black, even in the sun? Printa sympathizes with you, so part of the summer collection consists of all black basic pieces. All of these can be a perfect part of your summer capsule wardrobe, as they can be paired well with anything and remain your favorites for life. Choose from basic tops, timeless trousers and maxi, midi and shorter dresses! We can't go past the zero waste tailoring lines either, which is another step towards creating a more sustainable wardrobe.

If you haven't yet been captivated by the world of cottagecore, then after these pieces you will definitely look at the trend with different eyes. A section of the collection was inspired by Felsőörs, as this location is particularly close to Printa's designer, Zita Majoros. To make the final result truly authentic, the photography took place here: the romantic pieces harmonize wonderfully with the peaceful, idyllic surroundings of Felsőörs. The frilled decoration and the indispensable, subtly oversized silhouette are characteristic of the pieces inspired by the upper echelon, which give the whole thing a light, airy effect, like just a caressing, summer breeze. The journey pattern from the previous Sentience collection also appears on the individual pieces, reflecting summer adventures. As for the colors: in addition to neutral shades, we find bright turquoise that enlivens the waterfront, scorching orange reminiscent of Balaton sunsets, and unexpected combinations of all these, such as the unusual but refreshing pair of rust brown and turquoise.

Zita was also invited to work on the Balaton piers, so another part of the collection was born from the classic, clean world of the ports. Nothing could be clearer than the eternal pair of pure white and traditional navy made of environmentally friendly, high-quality materials. The double gauze is Printa's favorite summer textile, as it is almost invisible when worn, it is light as a feather and it dries extra quickly. In addition, the entire collection includes silky tencel, soft poplin, natural cotton canvas, elegant bouclé fabric and the accessory of the skewer: lightweight knitted sweaters made of recycled cotton yarn. In addition, of course, the permanent Balaton collection has also been updated with popular printed pieces.

You can find Printa's summer collection on the webshop and in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store.

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