PRINTA CRUSH - interview with Aniko Rácz, the dreamer of the HANNABI brand

PRINTA CRUSH - interjú Rácz Anikóval, a HANNABI márka megálmodójáva

Zita has always been interested in people who create value in their field, so we are starting a new series of articles in which you can get to know them a little more closely - with whom we have somewhat fallen in love.

Our love is not at all unfounded: Printa crushes are perfectly aligned with Printa's philosophy and visuals. The women appearing in the series have significant community-shaping and inspiring power: with their work and their whole being, they make the world a more liveable, beautiful and sustainable place.

"I try to live according to my heart and dance with what everyday brings, whether it's an opportunity or a problem. I look for nice solutions that bring balance, but I've also learned to fight my battles."

The first character of Printa Crush is Anikó Rácz, the dreamer and founder of the HANNABI brand. Anikó and her creative team have been designing unique sofas for 12 years, which are not only cleanly stylish, but can be completely customized: thus encouraging customers to make a conscious choice. Unique furniture can serve its users for generations thanks to its high quality and adaptability to different needs. There is also a Second Chance menu on their website, where they help used HANNABI sofas find a new home. I asked Aniko about her mission, her relationship with dressing and herself, and there was even room for a fun fact.

What is your mission?

I try to live according to my heart and dance with what everyday brings, be it an opportunity or a problem. I'm looking for nice solutions that bring balance, but I've also learned to fight my battles. Professionally, I represent that life can be joyful and comfortable even without unnecessary accumulation, so I want to promote a simpler, human-scale lifestyle with the Hannabi team. For this, design is a creative problem-solving approach, which I can use not only in my work.

What clothes do you like to create in, what do you feel good in?

To my greatest delight, pajamas are the new black: you can now buy a lot of loose, comfortable, fine material clothes. I have a piece that to this day I can't decide whether it's a pijama or an evening dress. :D These are the characteristics of the ideal home office wardrobe, and I really like to work in the peace and comfort of my home.

When designing, you pay particular attention to the use of materials, is this also the case with clothing?

Comfort, durability and love are my criteria. I don't think there is any material that is sustainable in all respects, plastic as garbage, natural materials burden the already tired ecosystem with their cultivation. Thus, what is truly sustainable is what we have a reason to keep and does not leave our home. I try to buy quality, support domestic designers and take great care of my clothes. I also have many pieces that are several decades old, for example, which I used as a teenager, but there are also pieces from the 70s that are now old, but still usable.


Personally, at the age of 45, I feel very comfortable in my own skin, perhaps now I am the most myself. How are you doing with this, what positives and eases do you experience over time?

Yes, on the one hand, I experience similar things, my relationship with myself, which the forties brought, has become reassuring and intimate. On the other hand, the events of recent years have presented me with such challenges as a private person and as an entrepreneur, that sometimes even routine and self-knowledge are not enough.

Fun facts! Tell us something interesting, strange or funny about yourself!

One thing makes me happier than a quiet day at home or a walk in the woods with my husband: being able to dance. Preferably with my friends, barefoot outdoors until suffocation. We do everything to make this happen as often as possible, now we organize our own small festivals several times a year, where we can forget our troubles for a few days.

You can follow Anikó Rácz's work on Hannabi's Instagram , Facebook and website .

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