I have been trying to reduce waste in my household for 2 years now, with more or less success. Perhaps the most skillful in the kitchen and during the weekly shopping, I will now share my experience with you. We are a downtown family of four with a dog. The kids aren’t that small anymore either, so we need a good deal of food on a weekly basis. I’m not saying that buying zero waste is an easy genre, or that it doesn’t take more time than a normal purchase, nor that it costs more because it’s not true. The market and the unpacked store are out of the way, and they are a bit more expensive than the usual stores. This type of shopping takes at least 3 hours a week, which my husband, Dani, helps me with, so it’s easier. It doesn’t seem very appealing that way, but I want to be honest. Of course, the sight of an empty trash can always inspire me.


The first thing I learned with a 40 year old head was design. I’ve never planned anything in advance before, and I’ve been an artist with ad hoc put-together quick lunches, meals, with the help of Lidl. This has changed as an eco-friendly shopping needs to be planned.


I have two huge Printed shopping bags (the size of IKEA blue bags but strong jute cotton made of canvas), I reserve one for marketed products and the other for non-packaged store products. I have at least 20 canvas bags in different sizes, I rotate them. Not all of it is “Print,” there are all sorts of things that have come together over the years. Then there are approx. I have 10 mason jars and 10 plastic cans (the old ice cream cans and the big 1l sour cream cans are very proven, I have been using them for a long time and they still close very well, even though they are designed for single use in principle!). I don’t always bring everything with me, when making a list I check to put this appropriate container (jar, bag or box). I always add a few more bins to see if I come across something I didn't plan on, but I still want to buy it.

Then I set off with the two bags, which are already damn heavy, even though I haven't bought anything yet.


I buy the following on the market without packaging:

  1. Of course vegetables, fruits. I also resort to tricks here that if the strawberries have been pre-portered in plastic boxes, I ask the vendor to let me transfer them to my own, but only if they can use them again and it works.
  2. All dairy products - sour cream (I'm from Vojvodina, I eat everything with sour cream), Greek yoghurt, mozzarella, cottage cheese, butter and all cheese - all in the right box, bottle they go.
  3. Meat products - I'm vegan, but not my family yet, although I've managed to cut back on meat consumption. There's no problem here either, they put the cold cuts and meat in my box.
  4. Bakery in a foldable canvas bag.

I usually buy the following at the unpacked store:

Salt, sugar, honey, oils, eggs, seeds and dried fruit (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), chocolate, tea, oats, rice, bulgur, lentils, flour, soup, spaghetti and lasagne pasta, yeah and frozen green peas !!! These are all really available to buy without packaging, so isn’t it amazing ???

Here, things mostly end up in buckled and mason jars, I put the dough in a canvas bag and the green peas in a bigger plastic box.And the divine chocolate balls are in a big box because they are running out fast

A zero waste shopping provides enough ingredients for breakfast, snacks, and dinner for kids for 5-7 days. If you are interested in what I cook from these, I will write it next time :) It is enough to go to the unpacked store every 2 weeks.


Klauzál tér Market - I usually buy there, it is small and not very popular, but everything is there! I would like to highlight the Boci Milk Shop , where I can buy all the dairy products without packaging.
Hunyadi Square Market > - I can get everything here too, and there is a larger part of small producers outside on Saturday.
Rákóczi tér market - on Saturday there is a very nice supply of small farmers and you can get fish :)
Simple garden market - on Sundays, although very touristy, small producers and organic produce . There you can also find treasures such as unpackaged salad mix, tea blend, or Hungarian organic lemon :)
Ligeti bolt - unpackaged shop, where everything There's something that's not on the market.
Bag Shop - Divine Breads, Vegetables from Small Growers and Super Craft Beer in Redeemable Bottles - But Only on Thursdays and Fridays open.

The bottom line is that while it’s not easy, I find that we’ve been eating much healthier since I bought it this way because the processed food we consume is close to zero and the ingredients are not only unpackaged, but come from controlled, local, often organic, producers and growers. And if I compost successfully, half of our trash will not be full in a week (and it's a small trash :)) For me, it's worth the extra time, and the shoes are worth a workout :)))

Come and make a shopping bag and bags with us, and make your shopping waste-free! We will be holding a screen printing workshop on June 29, details at the Facebook event .

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