Our new collection combines traditional craft bases with modern design thinking.
We have paired locally made and organic textiles with modern and innovative fabrics to create eco-friendly and comfortable clothing that allows the wearer to breathe and live. In addition to recycled materials, we also use new, innovative textiles that allow us to create our zero-waste garments. Even pieces that look simple are made unique by special cut lines and hand-screened patterns, and the colors evoke the evening sky and bright sunshine.

The assembly is characterized by carefully crafted details, recycled elements and variable shapes. You can find unpainted canvas, cool tencel and vintage leather on top of each other. Outfits are made complete by unique bags and handmade accessories, and the pieces work together and on their own. We have not rejected them, as we do not encounter phenomena that have been deliberately created and brought to life in nature. We gathered intuitive, lifelike inspirations, so we came across the Three Hive Garden Workshop, a community-run organic garden we've chosen as the location for our photography.

Although we are very different at first glance, we have the same motivation: we are working to create a cleaner, livable, transparent, self-identical world in all areas of life. This is how we were able to strengthen each other in our joint project, which we hope is the first round of a new series. Our goal is to convey a lasting value system beyond our products, and we are happy to communicate this with like-minded local producers and artisans.

Photos: Balázs Fromm
Styling: Anna Lébényi & Kata Oravecz
Production : Anna Lébényi
Models: Fruzsina - Highlight Models & Bálint Halasi
Makeup: Gloria Horváth
Sandals: Tengerszem Tour Shop
Text: Eszter Ágoston

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