Nowadays, more and more places hear the terms vegan leather, eco leather, textile leather. These concepts can be very sympathetic at first, as we can imagine a material that is just as beautiful, durable, and versatile as real leather, just just non-violent to produce. In addition, in the case of eco leather, even the name suggests that it is an environmentally friendly material.

However, if we look at the label of such a product, most of it turns out that it is made from petroleum derivatives, so like all plastics, it has produced a lot of emissions and is likely to end up in a garbage dump or in the ocean, where a few hundred will spend a year. Fortunately, there are efforts to produce less polluting materials, but these are quite costly. We hope that one day we will be able to develop an alternative raw material that is affordable and will stand its ground in an eco wardrobe, but it is not yet the widely used imitation leather.

As an environmentally conscious brand, we consider it important to put as little strain on nature as possible, which is why we use mostly organic or recycled materials. Upcycled skin is considered to be the most sustainable way to use your skin. We feel it is a shame to lose this natural and quality raw material just because the product made from it and used for a long time is damaged in places and no longer fashionable. If it couldn’t be sold with a vintage label anymore, a leather jacket, pants, or skirt would end up in the trash.

By turning it into bags, we give respect to the material and extend its life cycle. This way, not only can we write a trendy and misleading buzzword on our labels, we can be truly self-identical for all of our products. We think it is possible to deal with artificial leather in the future, but it will be recycled anyway.

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