Why don't we use vegan leather?

Miért nem használunk vegán bőrt?

Nowadays, the terms vegan leather, eco leather and textile leather are heard in more and more places. At first, these concepts can be very sympathetic, since we can imagine a material that is just as beautiful, durable and versatile as real leather, but its production is just as non-violent. In addition, in the case of eco leather, even the name suggests that it is an environmentally friendly material.

However, if you look at the label of such a product, you will find that most of them are made from petroleum derivatives, so like all plastics, their production involved a lot of harmful emissions and there is a good chance that it will end up in a landfill or in the ocean, where it will spend a few hundred years. Fortunately, there are efforts to produce less polluting substances, but these are quite expensive. We hope that one day we will be able to develop an alternative material that is affordable and will hold its place in an eco-wardrobe, but for now it is not the widely used artificial leather.

As an environmentally conscious brand, we consider it important to put as little burden on nature as possible, which is why we mostly use organic or recycled materials. In our opinion, upcycled leather is the most sustainable way to use leather. We feel that it is a shame to let this natural and high-quality raw material go to waste just because the product made from it and used for a long time is damaged in some places and is no longer fashionable. If you can't even sell it with a vintage label, the leather jacket, pants or skirt would end up in the trash.

By turning them into bags, we give the material respect and extend its life cycle. In this way, we can not only write a trendy and misleading slogan on our labels, but we can be truly self-identifying for all our products. We think it is possible to deal with artificial leather in the future, but it will definitely be recycled.

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