Our products are very popular with domestic and foreign companies. Many companies surprise their partners, customers or employees with Printa gifts. Our Budapest collection products, such as T-shirts, canvas bags and maps, are the most sought-after, but we also often make unique, personalized gifts.

Our partners:

Opera - Laokoon - Proton Cinema - Spirit Hotel - Ambra Hotel - Flatpack Films - Vodafone - Hello Wood - Espresso Embassy - French Institute
Design Week - Budapest Essentials - Mei Kawa
Duradam - Schnuggel - Design Terminal - KLM Consulting - Purple Figs

We welcome corporate orders and are happy to make custom gifts. Contact us at info@printa.hu and we will send you a detailed catalog of our products, which can also be provided with a company logo. Our quotation is based on the order, personal consultation and order details.

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