Print Workshop

As the holiday approaches, we want to spend more time with our loved ones even more. Printa Workshops promise great fun and bring communities together. The good-humoured occasions provide an insight into the life of a creative screen workshop, and you can make your own sustainable screen-printed products.

You can choose any Printa sample and carrier. On special request, you can bring your own sample at a special price, and we are also happy to manufacture a unique carrier. Carriers available in the basic price: t-shirt, canvas bag, graphics, kitchen towel, pillowcase

Prices for the Workshop:

Up to 5 people: HUF 14,000/person (minimum fee: HUF 70,000)

For 5-10 people: HUF 12,000/person

Over 10 people: HUF 9,900/person (maximum 15 people)

For a unique sample or carrier, ask for our offer!

You can inquire about the workshops by emailing or by calling 06 30 292 0329.