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The Star graphic - Enikő Eged

The Star graphics - Eged Enikő

Made by hand and water-based screen printing on brown kraft paper.

Designer: Eged Enikő
B2; 50 x 70 cm
Place of origin: Hungary, EU

For me, one of the most important foundations of mental stability is self-awareness, the ability to self-reflect.
In order to be able to look at ourselves and the flow that surrounds us from above, more objectively, we can choose a variety of tools and paths. .
The Tarot card has undergone a kind of rehabilitation in recent years - I see it in active use in more and more places, more and more people are starting to get to know it.
Those narratives and mythical schemes on the basis of which the tarot works open up a playing field for in a network of self-awareness and relationships with other people, which can shed light on a problem, blockage or poorly fixed pattern in a free, metaphorical and associative way. realm of dreams (Moon) - intuition, recognizing one's own needs, meeting the unknown m in our brains - these are all self-care practices that I like to remember whenever I feel like things are falling apart around me
and I find it difficult to find focus and security.

The graphic is available without a frame and is delivered rolled up in a paper tube.

<tc>The Star graphic - Enikő Eged</tc>
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