The Star graphics - Eged Enikő

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The Star graphics - Eged Enikő

Made by hand and water-based screen printing on brown kraft paper.

Designer: Eged Enikő
Size: B2; 50 x 70 cm
Place of origin: Hungary, EU

For me, one of the most important foundations of mental stability is self-knowledge and the ability to self-reflect.
In order to be able to look at ourselves and the flow that surrounds us from above, more objectively, we can choose a variety of tools and paths.
The Tarot card has undergone a kind of rehabilitation in recent years - I see it in active use more and more, more and more people are getting to know it.
The narratives and mythical schemes on which the tarot works open up a playing field in the network of self-knowledge and relationships with other people, which can shed light on a problem, blockage or poorly fixed pattern in a free, metaphorical and associative way.

The watchwords of the two cards I chose are self-confidence (Star) and the realm of desires, subconscious, dreams (Moon) - intuition, recognizing one's own needs, meeting the unknown within oneself - all self-care exercises that I like to remember whenever I feel like things are falling apart around me and I have difficulty finding focus and security.

The graphic is available without a frame and is delivered rolled up in a paper cylinder.

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