Flower of my soul - Flóra Poprádi

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Made by hand and water-based screen printing on 260 gram Modigliani paper.

Designer: Flóra Poprádi
Size: B2; 50 x 70 cm
Place of origin: Hungary, EU

Like my contemporaries, I also face many difficulties when integrating into the world, the fact that I am the child of two parents from completely different countries made it even more difficult for me to define my identity . I often felt that I wasn't Hungarian enough for the Hungarians, and I wasn't Nicaraguan enough for the Nicaraguans. In addition to this, this kind of duality has become an integral part of not only my identity, but also my identity as a designer . Therefore, I try to express my identity as a young woman with a multicultural background using the medium of art. It is extremely important for me to be able to continue researching Nicaraguan culture in my work, with which I commemorate my mother.

You can find more of Flóra's works here .

The graphic is available without a frame and rolled up in a paper cylinder

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