My new shoes are chewy

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My new shoes are chewy - Jásdi Juli

Made by hand and water-based screen printing on beige beer cardboard.

Designer: Juli Jásdi
Size: 20 x 20 cm

"I graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, majoring in graphic design.
I started working as a graphic designer and illustrating during my university studies.

I am terribly interested in the mysteries of the human psyche and the related social issues and connections.
I immediately nodded at Printa's request, because for me anyway, art is an escape from the craziness of everyday life.
These 12 drawings are an extract of the many flashes that came to my mind about mental health - and the factors that threaten it.
I tried to show the general hypothesis that the inner unity of the individual - as a result of long self-knowledge work - has more power than any external influence, be it a pandemic, a nearby war or even the loss of a family member.
I dare to hope that quality time spent with yourself can be the XXI. the key to the mental health of a modern man in the 20th century."

Place of origin: Hungary, EU
The graphic is available without a frame.

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