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Made by hand and water-based screen printing on 250 gram Remake Olyster paper.

Designer: SUSU – Szaffi Asbóth & Flóra Bodnár
Size: B4; 25 x 35 cm
Place of origin: Hungary, EU

ASBÓTH is behind SUSU ceramics Flóra Szaffi and BODNÁR stand, SUSU as built
ceramic brand is about shapes, colors and graphics on objects. The brand was launched in 2017, and since then it has changed a lot and become richer. It was preceded by a lot of experimentation, although both of them graduated from university in the field of art, neither of them learned the basics at school. The vision developed into what it is now with the joint work of the two of them. They really like the clay itself, how the paints spread and mix, flow on it, how the glaze deepens the colors. They don't plan their designs in advance, the ready-made forms bring with them what will be placed on them, the combination of colors is perhaps the most inspiring for them in the whole process.

Other works by SUSU keramika here you will find it.

The graphic is available without a frame and is delivered rolled up in a paper cylinder

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