We have been using the upcycling method since 2008, so the pieces made in this way are already permanent at Printa, this collection is called UNIQUE . We like this method so much because it adds value. It is simply a matter of rebirthing materials that are considered waste: we make a completely new garment or accessory from these textiles using the patchwork technique. It’s a real metamorphosis when an old leather jacket in the Printa workshop becomes a stylish bag, or just a women’s skirt from a men’s shirt. The range of possibilities is endless, so from time to time we always come up with something new. This is our constant love project, so we thought we’d introduce our 5 UNIQUE favorites.

The UNIQUE recycled sleeve dress can be varied to your liking and set: it can be shaped to fit both the front and back. Whichever way you decide, it nicely emphasizes your waist and gives an extra twist to your otherwise simple outfit. There are 11 variations available, so you're sure to find the one that's right for you.

There is no other dress at Printa that would evoke the cottagecore style so authentically! The UNIQUE recycled ruffled dress with its romantic details, loose fit and vibrant lines is unnoticed. You can even wear it with a white sneaker, so you don't have to give it up even on busy weekdays.

The blankets of the old pioneer camps certainly did not expect them to live their lives in wardrobes after the tents and wooden houses. When Zita found the colorful blankets in a place selling antiques in the summer, she couldn’t resist them, and the idea for the blanket jacket was born immediately. This piece is definitely not going to face you on the street as it is made in a limited number, no two pieces are the same.

The UNIQUE recycled trapeze blouse is a patchwork junction of navy and dark green. These colors form a beautiful, deep color palette. You'll love it everyday because you can wear it with anything, and the soft fall of the blouse is super-perfect for every figure and infinitely comfortable.

Leather jacket bag? Well, the upcycling technique is limitless, so we gave a new chance to old but flawless genuine leather jackets: this is how the UNIQUE recycled large leather backpack was born, which can also be worn as a shoulder bag. It is designed for everyday use, but it is especially durable, so you can take it with you on a hike. We are so confident in this that we have a lifetime warranty on it. Four shades are available, which also vary in style.

Wondering what else lies in the upcycling method? See the full UNIQUE collection by clicking here !

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