Printa greets spring with a fresh home collection: Neo Cottage blends the inviting tranquility of rural life, rustic style with minimalist patterns and contemporary elements.

There is no doubt that the most authentic pieces in the collection are the wood manger , the trough and the stool , two of which are not the same, as there are a limited number of real vintage treasures. Time has passed over them, the traces of which go back nicely - the shabby ruffles, the mangroves are holes - but their aesthetic value lies precisely in this unrepeatable patina, which gives an extra time dimension to any minimalist space. Nowadays, the mangrove can be reborn as a sideboard and the trough as a fruit bowl, and the little stool can be composed anywhere: adding a book or even a plant brings life and atmosphere to the space.

The popular Balaton and Mátra graphics have also been added to textiles: they can now be taken home in the form of pillowcases, large shopper, kitchen clothes and toiletries. The collection is characterized by a natural color palette, from which the pleasant blue of Lake Balaton and the vibrant green of the Mátra stand out. The samples are hand-printed on natural cotton and jute linen in a Printa workshop.

When it comes to decorating our home, we tend to forget about the kitchen, even though we can throw a lot in the mood of the room with a little or two little things. In addition to the Balaton and Mátra patterned kitchen clothes, we can refresh our kitchen with textile napkins , zero waste beeswax cloths and decorative brown glass containers made from recycled beer bottles. To complete the cottagecore experience, huge beige and green corduroy shoppers help fill the unpacked chamber.

Of course, this time we won't be without new Printa pillowcases either: in addition to the novelty of the landscape pattern, there are also two types of patchwork pillowcases, which now attract attention not with their pattern, but with their delicate structure. The combination of differently woven cotton, jute and flax makes an exciting impression, all in a sleek, restrained style thanks to the earth tones and geometric shapes.

Neo Cottage Majoros Zita also includes a new ceramic collection: although the abstract patterns are uniform, each piece is unique in that it is handmade, including molding, painting and decorating. The vases and bowls created in this way all reflect the peculiarities of rural life, while also harmonizing with contemporary trends. Craftsmanship, slowdown, idyll and the sincere aesthetics of imperfection: this is what the Printa Neo Cottage collection is all about.

The complete collection can be viewed at the webshop and the Rumbach Sebestyén street store.

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