Creativity and functionality go hand in hand: here is Printa's SS23 Creative Utility collection

Alkotóerő és funkcionalitás kéz a kézben: itt a Printa SS23 Creative Utility kollekciója

From the name Creative Utility, we can already guess that Printa's spring-summer collection this year was inspired by two concepts, creativity and practicality, which the designer, Zita Majoros, examined this time with a completely fresh point of view, Printa preserving its roots.

There can be no doubt that traditional work clothes are one of the most functional pieces of clothing, which is why Zita chose this as her main source of inspiration. From the very beginning, Printa has made sure to equip women's clothes with pockets, as pockets ensure women's independence and symbolize gender equality. Creative Utility is actually an ode to pockets, as not only are they found on almost every piece of clothing, but there are also key pieces - such as trapeze pants or sleeveless vests - that are over-decorated with pockets, in fact, this extra design is sometimes even added with a contrasting pocket pattern or it was also highlighted with an unexpected color. The pockets also proved to be a great solution for the creative use of the remaining fabric ends. The traditional cargo pants have been enjoying their heyday again for a couple of years, but hype is here or there, this practical piece with plenty of pockets will always be found at Printa.

Of course, traditional work clothes as inspiration were not enough for Zita, so she took these classic lines and blended them with creativity. The result: well-utilized pieces with bold, but playfully light and absolutely acceptable patterns. The designer's goal is to encourage everyone to spend their free time creatively: the collection draws attention to the importance of creative processes, more precisely to their deep, high-quality experience, since this is essential for maintaining a healthy mental health.

As we have become accustomed to, the play of large, powerful patterns is made freehand, often intuitively, which is then applied to the objects in Printa's own workshop by hand using water-based screen printing, thus protecting the environment. In terms of materials, we have a natural selection that is true to the brand: mainly soft organic cotton, fine tencel, and linen and cotton canvas, among which there are also a lot of mono-textiles. The latter is a fabric that consists of only one type of fiber and is made of one type of material. This is forward-looking in terms of sustainability, as an uncontaminated mono textile has a much higher chance of being successfully and easily recycled, and its afterlife can be solved much more simply. Durable, high-quality materials also help the wearer - be it work or recreation - as reliable and comfortable materials also support free creativity.

Previously, the brand had jackets that were made using the upcycling method, but this time, for the first time in Printa's life, the spring-summer collection comes with 100% self-made jackets. These and many other Creative Utility objects are timeless pieces that, in addition to the use of natural materials, reveal sophisticated tailoring techniques and carefully crafted details, which proves that sustainable fashion can indeed be sophisticated and high quality.

Creative Utility is for everyone who wants to bring more creativity into their lives. The collection abounds in special objects of use, which nevertheless remain grounded in reality and serve their users, not the other way around. We all have untapped creative energies, so the Printa SS23 collection is for you too!

The entire SS23 Creative Utility can be viewed on the Printa webshop or in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store.

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