This year, the autumn / winter collection conveys an interesting message. Zita Majoros used her respect for art this year as inspiration. But, like all Printa collections and products, the wit of the brand is reflected here, and it was not aimed at the works of art, but at the “by-products” created during the creative process.

The main motif of the collection is nothing more than a paint-stained artwork inspired by aprons used extensively in their screen printing studio. Stains accumulate on aprons for a long time, and every little stain has its own story. This collection of patches can be considered a stand-alone work from a deeper perspective, thus calling into question the concept of art, as paint-stained aprons are in themselves indispensable imprints of active art.

The spots accompany the collection in various forms. It appears on t-shirts , painter's overalls, and vintage hand-woven linen belts, creating a special atmosphere for the outfit. Complementing the ART pieces, the Zita created the PURE pieces in the collection, which this season, in stark contrast to the paint patterned products, symbolize the blank canvas.

A primary consideration in the creative process was to create comfortable, usable, timeless pieces that could be used in a variety of ways. These are clothes and accessories that can be boldly combined with each other, so you can swim up a full wardrobe upgrade by buying 4-5 pieces.

The choice of material was again focused on natural, natural materials. Thicker organic cotton, hemp canvas, vintage hand-woven linen and recycled jeans, men’s shirts will be the predominant material for the fall season. Most of the models are still made with zero waste cutting technique. Also this season, it was a primary consideration that all materials used were GOTS and oeko tex certified.

Among the pieces in the collection is the patchwork-like linen jacket , which is characterized by the encounter of 3 materials, made of raw cotton linen, blue hemp linen and recycled jeans. The deep blue barrel pants , which has a wonderful blue color due to the original indigo. The Bácsalmási Kékfestő workshop helped the brand in textile dyeing.

Our model is still the editor of the beautiful Brigitta Munkácsi, Not lavish blog

Check out the pieces in the new collection

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