The idea for the summer "HERBS" capsule collection was formulated during the recent stay at home period. We don't usually spend so much time at home that we care so much about the space around us. We had to rebuild the relationship with our own home. For months, getting out meant drinking tea on the terrace or on the porch, or hanging out among our plants on the balcony or in the garden. This spring, we did much more gardening and planting than ever before. Many of us started baking bread for the first time or cooked our first soup. With this collection, we want to celebrate this rediscovery and give our home and garden all the attention and care they deserve.

The patterns and colors were inspired by the earth and herbs. Rosemary, sage, basil, mint and thyme can be discovered in rough, almost abstract line drawings on graphics, cushion covers and clothes.

“I wanted to include plant samples in our collection, but not in the usual way. Herbs surround us, that's why it occurred to me how fresh the herb forms can be, they remind us of smells and tastes. I simply went out into the garden, tore off a twig and brushed it off. It was important for the drawings to be completed quickly because of the possible loose effect. This is usually when I create, I think about it a lot, then I sit down and I'm done in 5 minutes... but until I get to those 5 minutes, it takes a lot of time." - Zita tells about the creation process.

In the kitchen, linen placemats, napkins and waffle tea towels complete the table setting, and while cooking, the cotton/linen rosemary pattern apron creates the atmosphere. Large-sized blankets are also made from the cotton waffle material, which can also function as bath towels, bedspreads or hiking blankets. We recommend our large-sized pure linen shoppers with a beautiful pattern to dedicated supporters of zero waste.

“The material was chosen a long time ago, I knew I wanted to create a linen home collection. Flax meets my material selection needs in all respects, it is considered an environmentally friendly material as it grows faster than cotton and requires less water and insecticides to grow. It breaks down quickly, is very durable, and is one of the most ancient textile materials, clothes have been made from it for 8,000 years."

We designed the garden pocket belt and the strong large-brimmed jute cotton hat for garden and outdoor lovers. These pieces are completed by the organic cotton t-shirt with the Plant lady and "HERBS" graffiti print.

“Of course, you can garden in anything. But I had a picture in my head and I wanted to create it. Natural materials and natural colors, comfortable and stylish garden pieces, with practical accessories."

Our clothes have always been famous for their comfort, now we have updated our customers' favorites in a new color and with the "HERBS" pattern. The pieces without patterns are also inspired by nature and at home, they are available under the name HERBS Pure in the webshop and in our store.

The object photos were taken by Zita, the model photos by the photographer duo known as The Hungrians, Balázs and Petra.This is what Zita tells us about the photo shoot:

The subject photos were given space by our house in Löszőörs, the model photography also took place around our house, maybe that's why I like this series of photos so much, the visual world of Petra and Balázs is very personal and intimate it is very close to mine, so they were able to tune in perfectly to the task.

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