On the occasion of Printa's 10th anniversary, we organized a retrospective exhibition that provided an insight into all of our work to date. Our first recycled pieces were on display, such as the leather jacket bag that Anett Hajdú designed for us or the first recycled shirt, jeans. As a special feature, the pieces of the 2012 collection that Nóra Sármán dreamed of under the auspices of Printa were on display.

In addition to the rethought jeans, leather, and shirt creations that were later produced, we also showed pieces of clothing that didn’t end up in circulation, but proved to be an interesting concept. Without wishing to be exhaustive, our personal favorites are a sheet-fed sackcloth, a military sleeping bag, or a balloon jacket tailored to a thin sailcloth. Although these products did not end up in production because we were not happy with their functionality, they are a good illustration of our “out of the box” way of thinking and our creative approach.

We definitely wanted to hold the exhibition in a place where most of the work takes place on a daily basis, so we chose our own workshop so we could provide an insight into the unique production process that produces our dream collections.



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