Print 10!

Printa 10!

On the occasion of Printa's 10-year anniversary, we organized a retrospective exhibition that provided an insight into our entire work so far. Our first recycled pieces were exhibited, for example the bag made from a leather jacket that Anett Hajdú designed for us, or the first recycled shirt and jeans. As a special feature, the pieces from the 2012 collection that Nóra Sármán dreamed up under the auspices of Printa could be viewed.

In addition to the reimagined denim, leather and shirt creations that were later produced, we also showed garments that did not make it into circulation in the end, but proved to be an interesting concept. Of these, our personal favorites are the sackcloth made of sheets, the puffer jacket made of military sleeping bags or the balloon jacket made of thin sailcloth. Although in the end these products were not put into production because we were not satisfied with their functionality, they clearly illustrate our "out of the box" way of thinking and our creative approach.

We definitely wanted to hold the exhibition in a place where most of the work takes place every day, so we chose our own workshop, so we could offer an insight into the unique production process during which we produce our dream collections.

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