Natural Christmas is gaining ground more and more. Zita Majoros tells us what it means for her to try to introduce naturalness into the Christmas season, preparations and decorations.

ADVENT - based on experience

Our children are already at the age where they have started to appreciate experiences instead of/in addition to little nonsense and sweets. That's why we've had an experience-based Advent calendar for a few years now, full of programs such as pouring candles, making foamy cocoa, making bath bombs, making decorations, donating, watching popcorn movies, taking funny photos or making portraits of each other (not everyone is an artist here, but that's why it's funny, very we used to have a lot of fun with these portraits). Unfortunately, the outdoor programs are canceled this year, even though they liked them a lot - a joint ice skating or a visit to the Christmas market. So we can expect even more creativity and fooling around at home.

FA - live and rented

For a long time, 10 years, it was a very beautiful artificial pine tree, I thought it was sustainable, simple and cost-effective, but a few years ago I started missing the smell and sight of real wood. We donated the artificial pine tree to my children's school (where it disappeared from, and it is one of the big mysteries of the school, who stole the artificial pine tree??), and I found the Oázis gardening pine rental service. We bring a live pine tree in a large container, bring it back after the holidays, and you can buy it for half the price (there are never enough plants). Last year we lost the returnable receipt, so the pine stayed with us, so we took it down to our plot in Hölsöörs, planted it, and it feels fantastic there :)

The secrets of the pine staying alive: the bigger the root system! Pines with small roots are most likely not to survive planting. But Oázis pays close attention to this. You have to bring it at the last moment and keep it on the porch or terrace for as long as possible, because it will go into shock in the heat, which also endangers it. He usually stays with us for a maximum of 5 days, until then we enjoy the sight of him, then we say goodbye to him and thank him for his work :)

The disadvantage - which affects my husband the most - is transporting the terribly large, heavy, lumpy pine to the left and right.

Decoration - more nature

For me, the abundance of green branches is the most beautiful decoration! I usually go to the flower market in the second half of December, where I buy all kinds of pine, thuja and other evergreen branches. I decorate every corner of my apartment with this! My large beehive lights get a green crown and the old coffered window sill gets a green runner. LED lighting is hidden between them, and then I complete it with wooden, hand-painted discs. This year, my new discovery is Bükki candles made of beeswax and canola, I want candles everywhere!

Christmas decorations

This year, the donut will have a very special decoration. Handmade, recycled copper and crystal ornaments made by my mom. But I also love our wooden, Scandinavian-inspired decorations made in Printa, they give off a really classic Christmas atmosphere.

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Gifts, packaging

I'm not lying, I come from a background where Christmas presents are a big deal! Everyone is overflowing at this time. It is still very difficult to cut from this. But for quite a few years now, I've been channeling this in the direction of experiences, at least a part of it. I often make gift packages for friends and extended family that support a zero-waste lifestyle, as motivation. I make the packaging from recycled paper or use canvas bags or cloths.

Sweets, meal:

In my kitchen, I can often solve zero-waste cooking using only domestic ingredients, including at Christmas. The markets and the packaging-free store are my best friends at this time. There is never enough Ligeti Boltos bonbons, at Christmas I buy 2 kilos of them (yes, 2 kilos!!!) and put them in little bottles. I usually give them as gifts to teachers and colleagues.

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