I met Renáta Zsiga in the ceramics workshop of the FACTORY, where she introduces the mysteries of ceramics as a co-founder and instructor. He does all this with endless patience and a solid professional background despite his young age. Now we have finally fenced off our own works and designed a capsule collection for us that is only available at Print. I asked you to tell me a little about yourself and your work.

Snail Renata - cup

When did you decide you wanted to work in ceramics?

I also went to art in elementary school, and then when I chose high school, I already knew I wanted to be a creator, but at the time, I still thought that graphics were for me. Luckily for me, the recording teachers saw that it was much more ideal for me to work in space, so I was not admitted to the graphics major, but to the second-ranked pottery. There, I fell in love with the profession almost immediately, so there was no question that I would go on to college after 5 years of training. I went to the ceramics department of the István Tömörkény Secondary School of Art and Grammar School in Szeged, and after graduating I stayed for the fifth year to pass the OKJ exam. After that, I studied ceramics design at MOME, but in the end I didn't graduate.

What motivated you to start the PLANT? What is the PLANT about for you?

After college, I fell into the big nothingness like many in my generation. There was an opportunity to get involved in the production of building ceramics. This is how I met Emil, to whom I owe a lot, he brought a whole new perspective to ceramics and other areas of life as well. We created the FACTORY together and have been doing it together ever since. Since I’m mostly featured, many people think I’m doing it alone, but I can’t stress enough that I wouldn’t go it alone. :) Our starting point was that we definitely need kiln capacity for production, but we could make these kilns available to anyone in the meantime when larger jobs are being prepared. Since there was no place with a similar profile in Budapest at that time, professional and hobby potters soon found us. Wage burning then evolved organically with the opening of all free-to-rent workshops, then education. In the last year since we started, a community has developed that anyone can easily join if they are interested in any direction of pottery. Wonderful objects, professional relationships, and friendships were also made through the making of pottery. The latter, perhaps what I'm personally most proud of, because I think that's what it's about.

FACTORY kermia workshop - photo: Balázs Turós

What inspires your own creations?

Clay is almost always my biggest source of inspiration. I try to create everyday objects that perform their function in the simplest way possible and fit easily into any space due to their clarity.

Zsiga Renáta x Printa mini collection

What characterizes your work and objects?

I like to show the clay I work with, so I use relatively little glaze. Fortunately, there are now these high-fire stone tile raw materials that burn solid enough to withstand the everyday rig and dishwasher without glaze. I often use engobes instead of glazes. This allows me to show more texture and color within an object, leaving all-natural matte surfaces and traces of creation. I have been using my own items in my kitchen for years.I’ve never liked overly designed objects that can only be utilized in one way, so formally it’s characterized by simplicity I’m a person who boldly touches on an object and uses it for exactly the function it needs. Many times a flat plate is the best lid for the leftovers in the fridge, or just a cup for the place setting is the perfect candlestick. I strive to make objects that encourage people to use it freely.

Renáta Zsiga - storage

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