The waste generated by the beaches is a more and more burning problem every year: a lot of plastic cutlery, plates, glasses, straws, packaging and PET bottles end up in the trash in one day. As part of a plastic-free July - an international challenge - we want to give you tips on eco-friendly swimming, as we can do a lot for our planet with minimal attention.

The new Balaton STRAND collection consists of products that can be useful for more sustainable waterfront recreation and everyday life in general. A bottle will always be a good companion, so you can avoid PET bottles and refill your own bottles on the beaches at a drinking fountain. With the Balaton Bottle Holder you can always have your drink conveniently at hand, and so regular regular refills are also safer. You can also bring washable plastic or metal glasses on request, and feel free to order drinks from the buffet.

The use of food barrels is not new at all, but the use of beeswax cloths is even more so. They work in the same way as aluminum foil, napkins or folpack, only without unnecessary waste generation. Take the food you want to take to the restaurant or buffet in your box, but you can also order a slice of pizza or a pancake on a cloth instead of a plastic or paper plate! After use, simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, but you can also wash it under the tap with lukewarm water! At Printa you can choose from three types of shawls: a Balaton , a brush stroke and a vase pattern Also available.

Instead of a disposable napkin , take a washable one with you, and at Printa it is made of quality natural cotton linen ! Thanks to its large size, furoshiki also works as a shawl, so you can pack it in. If you're buying a drink, it's worth telling in advance that you don't ask for a straw. You can easily drink without it, but if you don't want to give it up, get a metal straw ! Our stainless steel 4th straw set is now with a Balaton pattern cotton bag. You can take cutlery from home to avoid the plastic versions that aren’t too durable anyway, even for a one-time meal. The most practical way to travel or hike is to always have a mini cutlery pack . At Printa, it includes a spoon, a fork, a knife, a bamboo straw, a cleaning brush and even a toothbrush. Within the framework of the STRAND collection, we have now also created a Balaton-patterned version with water-based screen printing.

It is advisable to pack the things needed for a beach in a bag as large as possible, two such pieces have been created in the STRAND collection: a giant shopper with a towel you can strengthen, and another version with extra pockets. Our natural and Balaton patterned mesh shoppers are suitable for carrying smaller objects and food, the paper -or you can replace it with a nylon bag. Extra tip: when you reach the end of your waterfront holiday, you can put wet toys and swimwear in them comfortably and separately. Also useful is our natural zero waste mosquito repellent spray , which will be taken back in packaging and reused, and will also offer a 20% discount on the price of the next spray. The same goes for our hand sanitizer !

We hope you found our zero waste ideas useful and that you spend your waterfront vacation as environmentally friendly as possible! How would you add to the list?

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