A well-thought-out capsule wardrobe designed for your needs and lifestyle can make your everyday life a lot easier, but you can also benefit a lot from it during a holiday. You can say goodbye to the long preparation of breakfast, the unnecessary purchases, and the suitcase overflowing with the garments as soon as you design such a wardrobe. In our latest article, we give advice on how to set up a capsule wardrobe!

First of all, what is a capsule wardrobe?

A wardrobe with a capsule approach consists largely or entirely of high-quality base pieces that can be easily and in many ways combined with each other. This can only be beneficial in terms of usability, sustainability and functionality, so it's no coincidence that this method has become increasingly popular in recent years.

What are the benefits of a capsule wardrobe?

Cost-effective , as such a wardrobe consists of a certain number of garments, usually 30-40; not including underwear, but shoes and accessories. These are precisely thought-out basics, so you won’t have to spend on extra garments, and you can even cut back on impulsive purchases. Space-saving because it really only contains the “essence”. Time-efficient because it also saves on pointless spending and long contemplation in front of the wardrobe. Eco-friendly because you don't take unnecessary things home. If trends, fashion is not your terrain , this method is still a good choice, as it does not require so much time, money and energy to dress you are destined, yet you can live your everyday life in sets that are right for you.

How to get started?

Unpack your entire wardrobe and look through it all! Sort them into three heaps: those that are no longer in wearable condition, those that are in good condition, but for some reason you are not wearing them — you can sell or give them away — and finally; which you love and wear. You will be working with the latter set, this will be the basis of your capsule wardrobe. Observe the colors you like and wear most often; these will be your base colors, which you will add a few other shades. It is important that this color palette harmonizes nicely, everything can be paired with each other!

For a couple of weeks, wear only the ones you picked into this pile and see how viable the end result is, because you may still find a piece you misjudged and still have to go! You can then get the missing items, but don't rush! Rather, take some time to find exactly what you are looking for, but only take home the perfect piece of impeccable quality for you! Always keep your color palette and lifestyle in mind when expanding your wardrobe with a new member! Don't despair if you have a hard time getting used to the new system, or if the process may be time consuming at first, as it can take up to 1-2 years to build a well-functioning capsule wardrobe, but later it pays off!

Capsule wardrobe for vacation?

You can also create separate capsule wardrobes for some occasions, such as work, evening programs or holidays. The latter can be especially useful, as space saving is the number one consideration when traveling.

We always keep the capsule approach in mind when designing the Printa collections.

We made 3 different, complete capsule wardrobes from Zita's wardrobe, designed specifically for the holidays to get inspiration from!


The "Kapolcs" capsule wardrobe is a real festival-compatible selection. Lightweight, bohemian style with brilliant colors and comfortable, practical basics.


Our "Balaton" selection is a fresh, blue-and-white combination that pleasantly reflects the waterfront atmosphere. Zita's love for Lake Balaton is deeply rooted, so there are always pieces of this style in Printa's offer, even in the latest STRAND collection.


Our third capsule wardrobe is a clean, sand-beige wardrobe with definite black contrasts. Perfect for any holiday, but this selection is clearly inspired by the soft, sandy beaches!

We hope our article has inspired you to create a more conscious wardrobe and that our tips will be useful for you in the future!

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