FORMES - New AW21 collection at Printa!

FORMES – Új AW21 kollekció a Printánál!

Autumn doesn't have to be gray and dark. That's why we wanted to bring some freshness to this period, Printa-style. Modern silhouettes, fresh colors, powerful shapes - this is the new Printa "Formes" collection.

The designer of Printa, Zita Majoros, always designs her collections with the capsule approach in mind, so it provides a harmonious overall picture, and everything can be combined with everything - including colors and styles.

Basic colors include black, white, beige and navy. These shades provide a perfect base for any wardrobe, as they go with anything and can be easily combined. Did you know that dark blue goes well with all color types? Instead of black, it is sometimes worth choosing navy, it is just as elegant, but provides a slightly fresher effect.

Two unusual shades also appear in the collection: lavender and terracotta. These are very popular colors in summer, but why not wear them in the autumn-winter season as well? Feel free to wear the Printa purple cotton canvas jacket or the short overshirt jacket on cooler days! In addition, the popular Printa slouchy pants are now available in these two bright colors.

Lavender and terracotta together form an unusual pair at first, but the zero waste tube dress and the French terry T-shirt showed that the interesting combinations provide a real refreshment for the eyes, especially in the darker season.

The name "Formes" refers to the collection's unique silhouette and amoeba-like patterns. The prints are Zita's creations, which are applied to natural, fine, sustainable textiles by water-based screen printing. In terms of materials, the collection is dominated by GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified cotton, while those without certification appear in their rawest, undyed form.

Zita always strives to work with zero-waste tailoring techniques - in which János Deák, Printa's tailor, is a real master - so "Formes" can also boast of many such pieces. Miniskirt with rubber ties , organic cotton T-shirt , balloon jacket , asymmetric shirt ; a couple of zero waste examples from the collection, with which you will be not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly.

Did you know that the traditional Japanese kimono was one of the first zero waste garments? The materials were still incredibly expensive at the time, so they tried to protect it and use all of it. In the Printa collections, this classic example of zero waste always appears in some form, this time two models are available: a beige jacquard material and a black one with screen-printed stitching on the back.

The shirts are the outstanding pieces of "Formes", as they are completely reimagined styles, most of which were created by recycling shirts. Unique statement pieces, yet absolutely wearable. The asymmetric white-beige shirt adds a bit of playfulness to your outfit, and the unique reshirt is a casually elegant piece.

The Printa Formes collection is available in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store and on the webshop, and the pieces can be taken for photo shoots.

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