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Designing an environmentally friendly kitchen is a huge step towards reducing our ecological footprint, since a significant part of household waste is produced in the kitchen. This is mostly accounted for by the packaging of the finished products, but even without them, a lot of things can be replaced with a more sustainable alternative. Printa is one of the first domestic eco-conscious brands, an approach that is key not only in the production of clothing, but also in the production of home furnishings. This is why our latest article was born, in which we give tips for realizing a greener kitchen!

First of all, there is nothing new under the sun: the simplest and most basic thing you can do is to take a canvas bag with you when shopping. It's best if you always keep one with you, so you won't have to buy a plastic or paper bag even for spontaneous purchases. At Printa, you can choose from many options, but one of our favorites is the multi-compartment shopper , which is a really practical companion with internal pockets and compartments.

Mesh and semi-mesh shoppers are also a great choice for smaller purchases, and they can be folded very small, so you can always fit one comfortably in your bag. These are also suitable for buying or storing vegetables and fruits, but you can also find shopping bags and mesh product bags specifically for this purpose in the Printa webshop or in the store.

Zita's favorite places are the Klauzál tér market, the Szatyorbolt and the Szimpla garden produce market, and of course the packaging-free stores, such as the Ligeti store chain.
Extra tip: always have not only one large canvas bag with you, but also at least 3 small bags (folded into small pieces), so even quick, unplanned shopping can be plastic-free.

As for kitchen utensils: try to bring home as little plastic as possible! These can be harmful to the environment and even to your health, and their quality is also terrible, so their lifespan is also short. For example, a lemon squeezer made of untreated natural wood is a great alternative to plastic versions, just like our BARE cutting boards , which are made of 100-year-old felled oak, under the skillful hands of Ernő Adorján. With carefully prepared products, kitchen chores will also be more pleasant, and wooden tools are even more hygienic.

For washing dishes, choose an environmentally friendly dishwashing detergent that you can even prepare yourself Brigitta Munkácsi Lavender and vinegar. with the help of his book. And replace the traditional sponge with a natural-bristled, degradable bamboo washing brush, which you can find with us in a smaller , a larger and a third version. You can replace disposable paper or wet wipes with a washable textile version. BARE wipes are made of soft waffle material, which has excellent absorbent properties and is extremely soft, so they are also suitable for wiping delicate surfaces. Kitchen cloths can be found in every household, Printa also offers a three-pack , which are not only practical thanks to their natural and fine material, but can also be a tasteful addition to your kitchen. It consists of a cotton, a waffle cotton and a linen kitchen towel; each suitable for different surfaces.

The BARE wall storage is perfect for organizing kitchen and other tools. It is made of natural jute, cotton canvas and linen with pockets of different sizes, and the hanging rod is made of solid wood. This rustic style accessory is a really useful decoration! Use food containers or kitchen utensils to store food, and disposable plastic and aluminum foil can be replaced with zero waste beeswax cloths . Kitchen aprons can be found in almost every household, so we also made a printed version , which is made of sustainable and high-strength linen material, and like most of our products, it also has pockets .

When creating a sustainable lifestyle, never strive for perfection, rather gradually but surely start introducing more and more changes into your everyday life! Every little step counts a lot.

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