BARE means simple, basic, clear, basic. We couldn't have found a better name for our newborn collection.

We longed for a Home collection whose existence would be immersed in our environment, yet our eyes would not be ostentatious. It was inspired by the natural ingredients and structures that can be used to move into your home with the help of pieces from the Bare collection.

We dreamed mainly around the kitchen and dining room, but we filled it with pieces that could be complementary to your daily life and work. This is how the felt shopper and laptop holder were born.

“Many people identify Printa products with samples, but for us, quality natural ingredients and their beauty are at least as inspiring as screened samples. That's why we created the Bare collection, where raw materials and structures play a key role. ”

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In addition to tablecloths, napkins, storage and shopper, following our air freshener spray, we have created the Printa home scent. The two scents swirl your home with the promise of freshness and spring.

The iconic pieces in the collection can be not only functional pieces, but also beautiful ornaments for your environment, from Ernő Adorján's cutting board made of several canes made by Kármen Fodróczi or the cutting board made of 100-year-old broken oak. Of course, the ceramics, which praise the work of Renáta Zsiga and Zita Majoros, are not left out either. In addition to textile and wood products, we consider beer containers made of beer glass sealed with cork balls to be a real curiosity.

From now on, the Bare collection will be a permanent part of Printa's life, which we will be constantly updating and expanding.

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