From the very beginning, we have been using materials that are known to be the most environmentally friendly in our production. We do not use petroleum-derived materials (such as polyester and acrylic). We prefer natural, certified and, where possible, recycled materials. We've put together in one place what these textiles are and what makes them good.


We really like below as a raw material. It is one of the most sustainable and ancient materials in the history of fashion. It requires less water and pesticides to grow than cotton. Flax is made from strong and long flax fibers, which is completely biodegradable when unpainted. It withstands high temperatures well and has very good absorbency. The more you use it, the softer and more flexible it will be and the more comfortable it will be to wear. Here you can find 100% linen home textiles and comfortable, durable and last but not least stylish garments made of linen / sorona blends.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton (or organic cotton) is a great eco-friendly material. It is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, which is better for our health and the environment. What we use is made in Lithuania, thanks to its natural color, it also avoids the painting process, so it is placed on the tailoring table as an even cleaner raw material.


Tencel is practically an environmentally friendly version of viscose (the production of which is very harmful to the environment). TENCEL ™, lyocell and modal fibers are produced in an environmentally friendly way from natural raw materials from a sustainable source. Say goodbye to viscose, present and future to tencel!

Recycled Shirts

Post consumer upcycling is the part of recycling an existing and used garment and creating a new garment with added value. This method is also widely used in the DIY community and in Printa: we have reached a very high level of production in recent years, recycling more than two tons of men’s shirts in this way. And why did you choose men's shirts? They have a good raw material, are predictable in shape and size, so they are also suitable for smaller series production. They are also used to make tunics, tops, accessories, pads and pillow dolls.

Recycled Leather

Skin is recycled almost from the beginning. Our first leather products were leather bags made from old leather jackets. For us, leather is a valuable and high-quality raw material, and we consider it important to extend its lifespan.

Recycled Cotton Before Use

Plenty of textiles around the world go to waste before use, sometimes due to minor manufacturing defects or wasteful design. We have cooperated with a Hungarian binder, from where we take over faulty cotton materials. It is then used either to avoid error or to be incorporated into the design. This is why this type of recycling is called pre-use recycling.

Recycled Cotton Yarn

The knit goods we find are made from 100% recycled, so-called regenerated cotton yarn.

Raw Cotton Canvas

We like raw cotton fabric for its simplicity. Because we use it in its raw state, dyeing and bleaching are eliminated during production, which is a much more environmentally friendly solution.

Vintage Linen

One of the most beautiful versions of linen is vintage linen, which is still hand-woven. It is very expensive and can rarely be found, but if we get it, the material will definitely add value. It is usually used to make bags, jackets and belts.

Old wool yarn

It is very difficult to get old wool yarn. A real drive hunt by the time we find it, we sometimes find it in the closet of a familiar grandmother. Our handmade hats are all made of old wool yarn.

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